Tel: 01189 540278
Berkshire 4x4 community response provides 4x4 vehicles and drivers to support
local councils, emergency services and search and rescue groups in times of crisis.
We are not a voluntary organisation, we charge a fee for our services.
In return we offer suitably equipped vehicles for the task, with BORDA qualified,
or DSA approved drivers.
In times of severe weather we can provide transport for meals on wheels, care
assistants, doctors and medical staff. In addition, we can deliver blood or organs
for hospitals, transport patients or deliver medical supplies.
We are available 24 hours a day / 365 days a year to transport personnel and small
equipment to areas that are not accessible to normal 2 wheel drive vehicles.  
Not all situations are contributed to severe weather. We have winch equipped
vehicles for recovery situations or to clear damaged or inoperable vehicles to a safe
area to allow traffic to flow.
4x4 community response can transport police or ambulance crew to an incident or
search area that may not be accessible by their available vehicles.
Berkshire 4x4 community response is not an ‘all weather taxi service’. We will not
Respond to individual calls, you must contact the appropriate emergency service.